Let Me Tell You About Mr. Dasappa Raghu, Our Founder and Managing Director

The founder of Navami Builders and Developers, Mr. Dasappa Raghu, was born into a lower middle-class family in Bangalore. At the age of 14, Mr. Raghu learned how his parents were horribly misled and their hard-earned money for a small home was a scam and their money was gone. Their money was stolen by real estate dealers who took advantage of the naivety. This bitter experience made him determined to build a home for his family and that determination would never diminish.

Due to his dream of building a home, Mr. Raghu decided to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the most prestigious institution in India, the University Visveswaraya College of Engineering. Directly after graduating, Mr. Raghu worked for a private construction company for a short period of time. He had little to no money but held on to his convictions and determination. Shortly after that time, he decided to start his own construction company with absolutely no money to rely on.

Although he never forgot his family’s terrible experience, he always remained confident and humble. Later on, in his life, he discovered his family was not the only one to fall prey to dishonest, unprofessional real estate people. He realized that his business must be built on honesty with an unending commitment to do the right thing in all his dealings and he has never swayed from that conviction. He has always stood by the belief that success is not in building a home but in building trust. You must work hard with integrity and honesty in order to reach the pinnacle of success.

Today, Navami Builders and Developers is synonymous for delivering superior, high-quality residential homes, commercial complexes, residential apartments, hospitals, hotels, and corporate offices. This incredible reputation could only happen due to our founder’s passion and honest business ethics. He has always taught his employees that building trust will always keep you on top of everything. His business is time-tested and trusted by thousands of homeowners and is the slogan of our company.

Every new project created by Navami is treated with the greatest respect and as one of a kind. Each project is professionally architected, technologically advanced and backed up by the modern day needs of families and corporations. Each project reflects our MD’s vision and stands shoulders above the rest!

Navami is committed to delivering each project on time as promised. To date, Navami has completed more than 30 impressive projects with 5 ongoing in prime locations of Bangalore. The Navami Landmaark is one of the tallest residential towers in West Bangalore with over 450 apartments that house the very finest amenities including a rooftop swimming pool, a beautifully scented man-made forest, a modern gym, a superb jogging track, and so much more!

To date, Navami is one of the leading builders and developers in all of Bangalore with over 3 decades of experience and a very impressive customer base. Under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Raghu, Navami Builders and Developers has won many prestigious rewards including the Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Dinacharane 2018 award by BBMP and the Emerging Developer of the Year award by Realty+ in 2018.

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