9 Benefits of Owning and Living in an Apartment over a House  

Making the life decision as to wherein you rest your head every night and live your life throughout the day can be an intimidating challenge to mention the least. A conclusion of this significance calls for a clear idea and concise evaluation. To help with this decision right here are nine advantages of apartment residing.



One of the benefits of living in an apartment is the proximity of anything you need. Shopping center places usually are selected utilizing the general demographics of a community. The higher the estimate of possible purchasers, the larger the want for the buying center. This little tidbit of data is beneficial. No matter what you need, there is a shopping mall nearby to suit you. On the other side, good apartments are carefully constructed in the areas where schools, hospitals, metro station, bus stations and other civic amenities are nearby.


The primary gain of dwelling in an apartment is the monetary component of ownership. Apartments are usually cheaper than the cost of a house including land. In addition to the home, you get multiple common amenities which are almost impossible to get in the case of an independent house at the cost of an apartment.


In addition to above monetary advantages, maintenance of the common area of the apartment campus is borne by all homeowners. In order to maintain the whole building/s, various staffs are hired who look after security, housekeeping, plumbing, gardening etc. Since the maintenance cost is shared by all homeowners, the cost of maintenance is very less per head. The peace of mind associated with the freedom of heavy maintenance is valuable.


The financial advantages discussed here are gateways to our future. When you buy an apartment, you enter into an engagement of forced saving. You can also consider buying an apartment as long term investment. Since this is an appreciating asset, you will not end up with loses but profit. On the other side, even if you rent out your apartment, you will get rental income every month. Chances are also there this rental income will compensate your EMI if you have bought your home with bank finance. By setting the cash saved into a “rainy day” account, this may be the start of a brighter financial outlook.

Lower Responsibility

Since all the maintenance activities are performed by designated staff under owner’s association, whole lot of headaches and daily issues of fixing everything go away and your own very low responsibility in an apartment. This is a great stress reliever.


Since the apartments are constructed in a large area, you get adequate space and openness for living. Your apartments are well ventilated with balconies for nice surrounding views from higher floors. Apartment proportions are, definitely placed, handy to give you spacious feel which is not possible in the case of house with same square feet.


Although owners regularly spend money on a few shapes of house protection machine or another, condominium complexes also make investments within the typical safety of its residents. The proximity of acquaintances (in assessment to be the most effective one in residence at any given moment) and ideal apartment complex.

Safety measures show that multi-unit dwellings are the most secure locations for single ladies, children, households, and the aged.


When you buy an apartment you just don’t buy your own home but even the entire society. You meet and make friends with like-minded people who share the common amenities. Children get play area within campus and play with other children. Housewives enjoy meeting with each other without going out of complex.

Easy Renting and Rental Income

Its always easier to find a tenant for an apartment as compared to individual house due to the above benefits of living in an apartment. At the same time, the rental for apartments are higher than houses. This further brings peace of mind in case if you are renting out your apartment.

Overall, apartments are perfect for all of us who needs a place to call domestic. Considering the economic and social benefits of owning an apartment  from the best residential projects in Bangalore, one must own a piece of condominium as quick as possible in his life. A house can be more luxurious than an apartment, but it comes with a heavy cost to match above benefits.



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