Navami M N Orchid
Ananthapura Village, Yelahanka, Bangalore North Taluk, Bangalore

About Navami MN Orchid

Homes crafted to perfection after arriving at a formula by combining your needs, expectations & dreams. We have spent time understanding your unique world of needs and incorporate those into the very fabric of our design, making it your “Perfect Home” which is open to ventilation, light and grandeur and maintaining your privacy, with smart spaces at an affordable price.

Luxury is no longer about owning an expensive car. It’s about driving freely, on an open road. It’s not about owning a mansion but about staring into the sky, uninterrupted, when you open your window.

We believe that “Luxury is freedom”, the freedom of time & space. We aspire to bring this freedom and openness into your life by presenting you this grandeur.

A remarkable piece of architecture born truly out of inspiration adding a new meaning to luxury.